There’s… something about Mary…

Everyone’s worried about Mary affecting the show or Johnlock ship, and all I’m thinking is: Aww yiss. Threesomes.


Side note- If you are one of the few who think threatening an actress is AT ALL acceptable behavior: Unfollow me. Do it. Here it is

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Hiss, sunlight.

*rolls from night shift deeper into bed*

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Ah, the ex-Fearless Leader of Nope has decided to grace me with a fantastic bit of bullshit about putting the past behind us.

And I’m sitting here like:


No, you have been an absolute fucking shit to me since October for virtually no good (or sane) reason.

You do not get a pass.

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Someone asked me to consult for a friend who was planning on building a Young Justice Robin cosplay.

And I’m just like:

"Which Young Justice Robin and what variant costume?  There’s Dick’s Robin, his stealth mode, his winter mode, then there’s Tim Drake, Tim’s stealth mode and, if they’re going super rare, there’s Jason Todd’s Robin…”

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.DSeason 1 Episode 1 (x)Season 1 Episode 2 (x)Season 1 Episode 3 (x)Season 1 Episode 4 (x)Season 1 Episode 5 (x)Season 1 Episode 6 (x)Season 1 Episode 7 (x)Season 1 Episode 8 (x)Season 1 Episode 9 (x)Season 1 Episode 10 (x)Season 1 Episode 11 (x)Season 1 Episode 12 (x)Season 1 Episode 13 (x)Season 1 Episode 14 (x)Season 1 Episode 15 (x)


X-MenX-Men (x)X2 X-men united (x)X-men: The Last Stand (x)X-Men Origins: Wolverine (x)X-Men: First Class (x)The Wolverine (x)

Iron Man (x)Iron Man 2 (x)Iron Man 3 (x)Thor (x)Thor: The Dark World (x)Captain America: The First Avenger (x)The Avengers (x)
The Amazing Spiderman (x)

Hulk? No Hulk? I guess it shall continue to be the only Marvel proper movie I haven’t seen.




Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Season 1 Episode 1 (x)
Season 1 Episode 2 (x)
Season 1 Episode 3 (x)
Season 1 Episode 4 (x)
Season 1 Episode 5 (x)
Season 1 Episode 6 (x)
Season 1 Episode 7 (x)
Season 1 Episode 8 (x)
Season 1 Episode 9 (x)
Season 1 Episode 10 (x)
Season 1 Episode 11 (x)
Season 1 Episode 12 (x)
Season 1 Episode 13 (x)
Season 1 Episode 14 (x)
Season 1 Episode 15 (x)
X-Men (x)
X2 X-men united (x)
X-men: The Last Stand (x)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (x)
X-Men: First Class (x)
The Wolverine (x)

Iron Man (x)
Iron Man 2 (x)
Iron Man 3 (x)
Thor (x)
Thor: The Dark World (x)
Captain America: The First Avenger (x)
The Avengers (x)
The Amazing Spiderman (x)


Hulk? No Hulk? I guess it shall continue to be the only Marvel proper movie I haven’t seen.

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Blossom was all about the do-good, American Heroes.

Buttercup loved the edgy heroes with dark pasts and complex morals.

Bubbles knew Japanese well enough to read and understand comic books from Japan intended for her age group. That’s actually very impressive, but then again, this is the girl who can speak squirrel.

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