I am determined to learn how to draw sasuke for complex scientific reasons


I am determined to learn how to draw sasuke for complex scientific reasons

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"Slytherins have a more cynical view on the world, and believe that there is darkness in the hearts of all, some are just unwilling to accept it. They think anyone who doesn’t realize this is naive or perhaps even stupid, and because of this they can easily clash with…

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The Garuda! 

Hey,it’s a chance to randomly spam awesome art! The Garuda is a divine figure that evolved after the Vedic Period in Indian history. The being is much revered in Hindu and Buddhist tradition for his vigilance in correcting the wicked. In addition, he acts as is the appointed vahana of Vishnu. Garuda is the son of Kashyap, a great sage, and Vinata, a daughter of Daksha, a famous king. He was hatched from an egg Vinata laid. He has the head, wings, talons, and beak of an eagle and the body and limbs of a man. He has a white face, red wings and golden body. Basically, if you guys don’t think that Garuda are the tightest shit ever, get out of my face :D


Bhutan, 18th/ 19th century 


A more humanoid depiction of the Garuda at Chennakesava Temple in Belur, India. Thid temple dedicated to Vishnu was built by the Hoysalas under the rule of King Vishnuvardhana in 1117 CE. 


In his divine role as the vehicle of Lord Vishnu

Now with more cool info!

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do action movies know they can have more than one female character

Someone should make an action movie with all girls except for one guy and have no explanation or mention of it in…

If this was the Black Widow movie I’d be perfectly fine with that.

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I’m back from AAC!  Still got some around the house chores to do and then I’ll post some pictures (mostly of commissions, but there was this super awesome group of Alma Torran cosplayers (Ugo, Sheba, and Solomon) who I took a shot of because I said “I KNOW A PERSON WHO WOULD BE SO HAPPY OMG” and they were like “YOU RECOGNIZED US NO ONE ELSE HAS OMG ALMA TORRAN FEELS” and we both went ALMA TORRAN FEELS ARBA WHY).

I am so happy though, I did some very fun commissions, and I even got a little heart from Sandy (ROTG)!


baddude: “im a goddam villain i like destroyed the shit outta this world.”

naruto: yeah but you wann be my friend?

bad dude:”no??? what the fuck??? im tryina destroy the world???”

*naruto beats the shit outta the villain*

naruto: yeah now you wanna be my bffl???

bad dude: “o…ok… i guess…”

♪*WE ARE FIGHTING DREAMER!! 日本のものの束は、私が日本を行う方法自演はありません!!!!!*♫♬

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