Let’s not forget to acknowledge Alexandre Dumas this Black History Month

The writer of two of the most well known stories worldwide, The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo was a black man. 

That’s excellence.

Let’s not forget that he was played on screen by a white man. And the fact that he was black is barely ever mentioned or the book he wrote inspired by his experiences.

Other things not to forget about Alexandre Dumas:

  • chose to take on his slave grandmother’s last name, Dumas, like his father did before him.
  • grew up too poor for formal education, so was largely self-taught, including becoming a prolific reader, multilingual, well-travelled, and a foodie, resulting in his writing both a combination encyclopedia/cookbook (which just— is fucking outrageous to me) AND the adaptation of The Nutcracker on which Tchaikovsky based his ballet
  • he also wrote a LOOOOT of nonfiction and fiction about history, politics, and revolution, bc he was pro-monarchy, but a radical cuss, and that got him in a lot of hot water at home and abroad.
  • even beyond that, he generally put up with a lot of racist bullshit in France, so he went and wrote a novel about colonialism and a BLATANTLY self-insert anti-slavery vigilante hero (which he then cribbed from to write the Count of Monte Cristo, the main character of which, Edmond Dantés, Dumas also based on himself).
  • (…a novel which also features a LOAD of PoC beyond the Count, and at LEAST one queer character, btw, bc EVERY MOVIE ADAPTATION OF ANYTHING BY DUMAS IS A LIE; seriously, at LEAST one of the four Musketeers is Black, y’all.)
  • famously, when some fuckshit or other wanted to come at Dumas with some anti-Black foolishness, Dumas replied, “My father was a mulatto, my grandfather was a Negro, and my great-grandfather a monkey. You see, Sir, my family starts where yours ends.”
  • for the bicentennial of his birthday, Pres. Jacques Cirac was like, “…sorry about the hella racism,” and had Dumas’s ashes reinterred at the Panthéon of Paris, bc if you’re gonna keep the corpses of the cream of the crop all together, Dumas’s more widely read and translated than literally everybody else.
  • and they are still finding stuff old dude wrote, seriously; like discovering “lost” works as recently as 2002, publishing stuff for the first time as recently as 2005.






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By Kouta Hirano, creator of Hellsing

it’s truly great



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Yes I support gay rights.

Yes I would care if you died.

No I’m not going to reblog that post.

And i’m especially not going to reblog seven pages worth of colorful gifs of people patting their back because they’re not homophobic.

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30 Days of DC - Day 22
Favorite Team: Justice League Beyond

I’m sure the majority, if not all, of you are sick to death with my rantings and ravings about my love for the Beyond Universe, but I’m not done yet. I may never be. And while there are so, so many teams I really do love, this one is almost perfect, guys.

This version of the Justice League is almost perfectly balanced. It has strong female characters, a diverse cast, tons of personality, and a sweet orientation toward sci-fi.

The team is still growing, expanding, and re-defining itself as we speak, its second digital ongoing updating twice a month. Just this year it concluded what I’ve greatly considered to be one of the best superhero stories in recent years (Konstriction) and has had a wide variety of talented artists and writers contributing behind scenes.

It’s unique, fun, and exciting - uniting the thrills and grandiose of the classic comic book storytelling with the characterizations and depth of the modern age. And I’ve found that you actually don’t need much of a working knowledge of the Beyond Universe before it. I’ve given my trade to friends who hadn’t watched Batman Beyond and everyone thus far has loved it!

Check it out! It’s only $0.99!!!!!!

Viewing Pleasures:
Batman Beyond (1999-2001) Season 3: Episode 11-12 *

Suggested Singles:
Justice League Beyond (2012-2013) #10 **
Justice League Beyond (2012-2013) #16 **
Justice League Beyond (2012-2013) #17 **
Justice League Beyond (2012-2013) #21 **
Justice League Beyond (2012-2013) #25 **

Awesome Arcs:
Justice League Beyond (2012-2013) #1-6, 9, 11-15 **
Justice League Beyond (2012-2013) #7-8 **
Justice League Beyond (2012-2013) #19-20 **
Justice League Beyond (2012-2013) #22-24 **

* Available for viewing on Netflix!!!
** Great comics for the low price of $0.99 on! GO GO GO!!!

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There are all these fairy tales on earth.

Think about them for a moment.

Think about fairy mounds, which lead to other worlds, and the homes of fairies which are bigger on the inside; think about how all the stories say if you’re kind to these odd, strange beings and treat them well, you’ll find fortune, but if you’re cruel and greedy, they’ll punish you something fierce.  They can be fierce and bloody and awful, but they can be funny and helpful and make merry just the same.  Mischief is their bedmate and strange things happen when they’re about.

And sometimes they’ll take someone away - and oh, the fantastic places they see, the beautiful cities and faraway lands - but then they return them years and years later, sometimes long after their loved ones have grown old and died.  Other times, the poor unwary soul will be returned the moment they left and think it a dream, left with nothing but pockets full of flowers.

They’re aloof and weird and terribly clever, with weaknesses to certain things that humans can handle just fine, and operate by a code of some sort, though what that is can be nebulous at best.


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